Crawling Cambodian Delicacy

Published on: Jan 23 2011 by Lyndsay Cabildo

(Live Tarantulas for Sale)

While traveling from Saigon to Siem Reap, several stop overs took place.  One stop over at one of Phnom Penh province took my attention.  Tarantulas!  Yes, they have plenty of it at that stop over and the spider that we usually afraid of is a delicacy in Cambodia.  I didn’t believe it at first when one fellow traveller said it, but how can you not when just few steps away from girl selling live Tarantulas is another girl selling a ready to eat, fried Tarantulas!!!

(Fried Tarantulas)

I was curious how it taste like, and if not in transit I would probably try it.  Why not?  it is just once in a while you find interesting facts like this, and what?  It can be used by Bear Grylles on his survival documentary show.  Unfortunately, I can’t because I have 8 more hours to go and that would be a hassle whatever it will do to me along the way… I don’t want to cause any trouble for my fellow travellers…

(Fried Bugs)

What else? Bugs and grasshoppers.  Like Thailand they too eat it.  For some it is kinda gross, but locals find it good.  Well, it is just like how upper classes spends for Caviar or French with snails.  Every places has its own unique taste and history.  It was told that the French started eating snails during the war times, so is Cambodians during the Khmer rule.  Things that they have used to and still keep doing it after the catalystic period.  So, if you’re feeling gutsy and feel like how is it to be in the Fear Factor? You can try it yourself!

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