Good to Be Back in Saigon

Published on: Jan 20 2011 by Lyndsay Cabildo

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After more than a year, it’s great to be back in Saigon.  Came in last night just for a transit to Cambodia (Siem Reap to be exact!), but I fell asleep and was left by the bus going to Cambodia!!! Hahahaha!

Anyway, it’s good though as I can spend a little time to fix some things.  Like I bought a $20 luggage as it broke the night of my flight! Funny travel it is I have now.  I bought it from Ben Than Market.  Saigon looks the same except from some new businesses coming out in the District 1 area (what’s new? Vietnam change so quick!).  Some people can recognize me I know…hahaha but they are just not sure, can’t blame them! 😉  So, now I’m just chillin’ out in Saigon

Once again, I tried the sandwiches that was gone from 8000VND to 10000VND, the black coffee? Man, I miss it Vietnam’s got the best and cheapest coffee in the world hey, 10000VND?  You can get it cheaper though from the street vendors which will be around 4000-10000VND. Been to my favorite Chi’s Place to eat, was cool that they have renovated the place.

Mostly the same as from how I remember it.  I also met a lady that offers me to teach kids English for a free accommodation the night before my bus left me.  I said I will when I’m back again, but since I stayed I thought I could have gone to render a service even without the free accommodation, for fun.  Then again, because I was so tired and sleepy I couldn’t make it, my body is asking for more to recover from last night’s and up to this morning’s funny encounters.  I told her I’ll keep it in mind though so when I come back, I will do it.

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