Hey Traveler, What About Astral Traveling?

Published on: Nov 20 2013 by Lyndsay Cabildo


As a traveler, we are not just a traveler just to see places as it is.  There’s always more than what meets the eye, and we know that traveling makes you open your mind in a lot of different things.  Sometimes we could not even understand it, but as the time passes by, whether we like it or not, step by step, we learn things, we learn even things incomprehensible at first.  We learn why it’s too expensive to go to a newly opened place, we learned the differences and ways of monks, we learn the importance of other culture, we find the real meaning of somehow absurd ways that we are not used to that some cultures do, and we learn that they too, learns from us.

Some travelers are too adventurous, open to every experiences, some are limited to their own ways that somehow built by years of living in their comfort zones when traveling.  It may be an absurd idea, but just like how absurd it was traveling to space and seeing what’s underwater, there will always be new discoveries and ways to travel, just like astral traveling.  I don’t know, it’s kinda strange I know, but me I’m up for anything I can try once. What to be afraid of?  I can try but if along the way, I can feel I won’t or I can’t then I can always stop and save more courage for the time when I can do it. Simple as that.  What about you?  Are you up for an Astral Traveling?

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