Welcome to Discount Travel Blogger.com!

Published on: Oct 25 2009 by Lyndsay Cabildo

Welcome to Discount Travel Blogger.com!  This is my very first post for this blog(obviously! :D)… So I will make sure the following posts will be very helpful for all the travelers out there that are in a budget.

We will travel the world together in the most inexpensive ways as how we always want to do.  Tips and updates of traveling, visa, hotels and other accommodation, transportation from airfare, boats, to land transfers will be tackled here.  You can send me comments and emails on whatever topic you want to know about budget travelling!

I will start our journey on discount traveling in South East Asia.  From Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, etc…  We will help to encourage everyone to travel the world in the most discounted ways we can, using all the acquired information and experiences from traveling South East Asia!  In the meantime, I welcome you to enjoy the journey we will make together here at Discount Travel Blogger!!!

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